The Andrew Morris Band has converted as many music lovers to the country genre than anyone else in the industry.  That, most likely can be attributed to musical background and upbringing.

Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, Andrew was raised loving classic country, namely George Jones. He says, "I was greatly influenced by my granddad  with classic country.  That's what I love.  As I grew up, I started getting curious about those old LP's out in the garage."  They consisted of his parents' opposite tastes in rock 'n' roll.  His mother's collection leans heavily on The Eagles, while his father was more of a soldier in the KISS Army.  That musical background, intertwined with fresh, original material, has made for some pretty exciting shows. 

Andrew, along with Coastal Country Records has released a debut album.  "This record really shows who we are.  It's edgy and fun, but it's still real," says Andrew.  "I'm really excited." 

A lot of people have expressed that same excitement. Look for the release anywhere music is sold or streamed, or pick up a copy at the next show!  stay tuned for more exciting news from one of the fastest growing acts around.